Wayfair is celebrating Way Day right now. This means big savings on great home improvements. This includes your garden or yard, as well, where you can get deep discounts on the top gas grills. Click the button to view all gas grill sales, or continue reading as we go over some highlights.

Royal Gourmet 3-Burner gas grill — 368. Was $400

The Royal Gourmet 3 Burner 25500 BTU Gas Grill is a gas-and-charcoal combo. The grill combination includes 576 square feet of cast-iron porcelain-coated grates and 164 square feet of stainless steel warming racks. This gives you enough space to cook about 33 patties simultaneously. Three stainless-steel burners, each with 27,000 BTUs are also available. They are both durable and highly efficient. For temperature control, the charcoal grill’s side has a height-adjustable pan. You will also find a large ash pan that you can draw out so you can clean the grill easily. Fixed side tables provide ample space for all types of preparation work.

The Char-Broil 5-Burner Gas Grill – $397, Was $420

Image alt=”Char-Broil 5-gas grill with white background” class=”size-full wp-image-1205087″ onerror=”dti_load_error(this)” src=”https://d2b7qqn91ln8ob.cloudfront.net/RWH5Zchar-broil-5-1000×500.jpg”/>

Char-Broil 5 Gas Grill has four burners, enough space for about 20 patties. The TRU-infrared technology of the grill ensures that you are able to cook your entire meal at once without worrying about flare-ups and evenly heats the area. It’s simple design makes it easy to use. The lid also features a temperature gauge that allows you to easily check the temperature inside your grill. The Char-Broil 5 Gas Grill has side shelves that make it easy to store or set up items. It also features a cast-iron grill grate, and a steel body.

Pit Boss Flat Gas Grill 4-Burner — $450, was $403

img alt=”Pit Boss 4-grill on white background” class=”size-full wp-image-1205089″ onerror=”dti_load_error(this)” src=”https://d2b7qqn91ln8ob.cloudfront.net/1KSQZpit-boss-4-1000×500.jpg”/>

The Pit Boss 4 has a huge cooking space, making it a great choice for anyone looking to host some amazing parties this summer. This allows you to cook anything from steaks and eggs to pancakes to steaks. With 748 sq. inches of surface, four burners ensure even heat. Although it may not be the most elegant grill, its side shelves and folding legs make it easy to transport. The grease tray and preseasoned surface mean it requires little effort to clean.

Royal Gourmet 6-Burner Natural Gas Grill — 497. Was $600

img alt=”Royal Gourmet 6-gas grill with white background” class=”size-full wp-image-1205090″ onerror=”dti_load_error(this)” src=”https://d2b7qqn91ln8ob.cloudfront.net/LYZEDroyal-gourmet-6-1000×500.jpg”/>

The Royal Gourmet 6-burner Grill is the best choice for the ultimate in grilling. The Royal Gourmet 6-burner Grill has 855 square feet of cooking space, which allows you to store a lot of food. This makes it ideal for gatherings of 10 or more people. It’s easy to use via the electronic ignition system and can be up and running in no time. The button quickly fires up six burners, with flame tamers. It also includes porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates that help you evenly distribute heat throughout the cooking area. The removable grease tray is included to help reduce flare-ups. They are also easy to remove. The grill also includes a temperature gauge.



Wayfair is celebrating Way Day right now. This means big savings on great home improvements, including your garden or yard. There are deep discounts on the top gas grills, as well as all-time low prices on things like the Royal Gourmet 3-Burner gas grill.


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