You may have seen ebikes appearing in more bike lanes. The VanMoof S3 is one of the most popular. The VanMoof S3 was designed with the goal of making ebikes the iPhone of ebikes. How does the VanMoof S3 actually work? This is our VanMoof S3 electric bike review.

The S3 was tested alongside some of the best-selling ebikes, and the results are authentic. To push the S3’s limits, it was tested on different roads and up steep hills. The conclusion is that this bike is incredibly techy and sweet.

VanMoof S3 Ebike review: Performance

Let’s first look at how the VanMoof S3 performs before we get into specific technical tools. It’s simply amazing.

You can ride the S3 on straight roads or through bends, uphill and downhill. It offers an incredibly smooth riding experience. It boasts the first industry-first automatic electronic shifters. This makes for an effortless ride. The vehicle also glides effortlessly uphill.

Although the throttle is slower than some comparable-priced bikes and its max power of 20 mph doesn’t match some rivals’ 28 mph, this bike still has a lot to offer. Once it starts, it glides along smoothly. The S3 was rated among the top three bikes by our tester, even though the riding experience didn’t seem as good as other bikes, such as the Juiced RipCurrent S.

VanMoof Ebike Tech S3

The VanMoof S3’s most distinctive feature is its tech. The VanMoof S3 can be linked to an app and features remote locking, which can also by done using a peg at rear wheels, an alarm system and adjustable gear profiles, including flat, hilly and custom, as well as an electronic bell and advanced tracking. You can locate your S3 via the VanMoof or Apple’s Find My App. If you are unable to locate it yourself, Bike Hunters from the company will help you find it.

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Bis now. There is no other ebike as technologically advanced as the VanMoof S3.

VanMoof S3 Battery Range and Life Expectancy

The S3’s range is another great feature. It has a range of 37 to 93 miles depending on road conditions. This makes it one of the most affordable models in its price range. The battery extender from the company will allow you to go an additional 65 miles. This means it can travel up to 65 miles in ideal conditions. It can travel more than 150 miles.

VanMoof S3 Accessories and Design

The VanMoof S3 is also a beautiful model. It is sleek and modern, which makes it stand out from the crowd. You can customize it with many cool add-ons like panniers and panniers and front and rear carrier and baskets. It also features bright integrated lighting that provides plenty of light for safety and navigation.

VanMoof S3 Ebike review: Conclusion

The VanMoof S3 ebike is extremely functional and cool. The VanMoof S3 is a top-of-the-line ebike with industry-leading technology features and a smooth ride. It also looks great. It’s an excellent urban commuter because of its large range and solid performance.


Image Credits: VanMoof According to the YouTube video, the bike can reach a top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph). But if you have an e-bike already, you know that there are regulations when it comes to motor assistance for bikes. In Europe, an e-bike cannot travel faster than 25 km/h (15.5 mph).12-Oct-2021

The VanMoof S3 was released in April 2021.12-May-2021

VanMoof couldn’t put a throttle on the S3 (or X3) as this isn’t legal in Europe and other countries, but instead, there’s a brilliant Boost button, which mirrors the horn button, giving a nice symmetry to the ‘cockpit’. As long as you’re pedalling, pressing the button gives you full motor power.20-Apr-2021

In the US our bikes are limited to a maximum assisted speed of 32km/h, in the EU and UK they’re limited to to 25km/h, and in Japan they’re limited to 24 km/h.

Price GBP £1998.00
—— ———————————————-
Weight 21kg (One size) – plus 3.8kg for the PowerBank
Brand Vanmoof

In the US our bikes are limited to a maximum assisted speed of 32km/h, in the EU and UK they’re limited to to 25km/h, and in Japan they’re limited to 24 km/h.


The VanMoof S3 is an electric bike that has been designed to be the “iPhone of ebikes,” with an app-based remote control and a host of other high-tech features. These include automatic electronic shifters, which make the ride smooth and effortless. The bike was rated


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