The best backpack for traveling is one that can meet all your needs. You need it to be easy to transport, no matter how long you have to go to find your Airbnb. You need to have all of the necessary organizational tools to prevent things falling apart. It should be able to carry everything necessary for long trips. It should be able to fit into an overhead bin on an airplane.

From personal experience, I can confirm that the Tortuga Outbreaker is the best backpack and suitcase for all these purposes. Over the last decade my travels have been almost continuous. Since discovering the Outbreaker’s 45-liter version in 2016, it has been with me nearly every step. While I have tried other top brands, I still prefer Tortuga.

My Outbreaker has been my home for years. Like the name Tortuga (which means “Turtle”), it is my home that I carry around on my back. It’s ideal for long-term traveling.

Tortuga Outbreaker 45L: Unrivalled Capacity

The Outbreaker’s cavernous capability is the reason it is ideal for long-term travel.

Although I have traveled with similar 45-L bags in the past, Tortuga’s layout is more spacious, more organized and easier to carry than most other bags I have seen. Amazing stuff that I have managed to fit into this bag is amazing.

In the main compartment, I usually have an extra pair of shoes, flip-flops, shirts/pants/shorts/socks/underwear for five days, a set of gym clothes, a light jacket or sweatshirt, a travel-sized power strip, and some other random electronics, my toiletry bag, and even a book or two. The majority of the contents can be stuffed into one open area, while some items are organized in six pockets. We’ve only seen the first three main compartments.

The second compartment runs the length of the bag. It has a comfortable place for your laptop to rest against your back. A soft-surface pocket is available for an ebook reader or tablet. There are two large pockets and two small pockets, where you can keep my art and office supplies. A half-length compartment is located on the front with a soft surface pocket, two large pockets and several pen- and small item slots. There’s also a wider open area. You can store a lot of books and other items in the exterior pockets and the hip belt pockets. You also have a water bottle holder.

Smart Design of the Tortuga Outbreaker

All of this capacity is packed into the Outbreaker’s lightweight, easy-to-carry frame. It is well-padded, comfortable and fits well onto your back. My back has never been sore from Outbreaker as I have walked around lost cities for hours with it on my back. This is not something I could make for every bag.

Although the Outbreaker 45L is the biggest edition, it is not rated to carry on large amounts of luggage in the USA. There is an international version that is smaller and can be carried onto small planes. I have taken mine into all kinds of aircraft all around the globe. I don’t recall ever being forced to inspect it. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t checked it. It survived the baggage handlers without any damage.

This is a testament to the Outbreaker’s durability. Two of my friends have theirs and have reported that their cushion is still intact after six years of fast and hard travel. The only problem I have had was a loose zipper tab. It is fine. All it required was a replacement tab of thirty cents. This happened after many thousands of closings and openings.

This is how I describe it.

It’s very sleek and stylish. While there are bags that emphasize style more than utility, others may compromise on functionality. Practicality is the most important thing if you plan to travel for many months, or even years. This is not to suggest that Outbreakers are incapable of thinking for practical reasons.

Tortuga Outbreaker Value – Lots of bag for a reasonable price

Its price tag of $299 for the 45L Tortuga Outbreaker places it in an upper-moderate range of backpacks. The Outbreaker’s outstanding durability and capacity make it a great value. The Outbreaker won’t break down in an airport luggage claim and its shoulder straps will not give way in Bangkok’s backstreets.

The Tortuga Outbreaker backpack is worth the investment if you are looking for an excellent backpack to carry year after year, and through countless miles of traveling.



The best backpack for traveling is one that can meet all your needs. It should have organizational tools to prevent things falling apart, carry everything necessary for long trips, and be able to fit into an overhead bin on a plane. The Tortuga Outbreaker 45L is the best bag for these purposes.


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