Ryobi P238 Impact driver on white background.

Picking up a high-quality impact driver can drastically speed up your home improvement projects, giving you more time to work on other parts of your home. However, these helpful power tools don’t go on sale that often, so we wanted to share this fantastic offer we found on Amazon. Today, you can pick up this Ryobi P238 Cordless Impact Driver for just $54, which is a $45 discount on the regular price tag of $99. This is one of the best Ryobi deals you can get right now, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for an impact driver.

If you need to perform heavy-duty fastening tasks, an impact driver can be one of the most essential tools you can get for the home. This Ryobi P238 cordless impact driver is one of the very best models around right now, especially at the price it’s selling for. It can pump out a phenomenal amount of torque, with up to 2,000 inch-pounds. There’s also a powerful motor that can rotate up to 3,100 rpm, with a three-speed switch that you can quickly toggle depending on the task at hand. Considering its power, you’d expect it to be heavy, but the Ryobi P238 is remarkably light, compact, and can be easily carried throughout the entire day.

On top of that, there are many features that help you maximize the power of your impact driver. Below the motor is a rubber-molded pistol grip that provides excellent friction, ensuring that you can keep it on your hand in a range of environments. There’s also a belt clip that handily attaches to a standard tool belt, ensuring you can keep it with you at all times. Finally, the tri-beam LED prevents shadows being cast by your body from affecting your focus point, so you don’t have to worry about things being difficult to see.

If this sounds like the ideal impact driver for your toolkit, this is the perfect time to make an addition. You can pick up this powerful Ryobi P238 cordless impact driver for just $54 on Amazon. That’s $45 off the base price of $99 — a fantastic price for such a high-quality power tool. This deal might not last for very long, and stocks are already running low, so hit that Buy Button before you miss out on this offer!



Picking up a high-quality impact driver can speed up home improvement projects, but these tools go on sale infrequently. Amazon has a great offer for this Ryobi P238 cordless impact driver for only $54, which is the price of the original tool when it’s not on sale.


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