A person touches the front of the Philips 3200 EP3241 espresso machine.

If you’ve been itching to upgrade from an average coffee maker to a fully-fledged espresso machine, then you’ll know these premium appliances don’t come cheap. True espresso machines are a massive step up from capsule-based makers that you’ll find in Nespresso deals or Keurig deals, but they can get pricey. Some of the most reputable espresso machines can cost upward of $1,000, so finding good espresso machine deals is always a treat. We wanted to share this incredible deal we found on Amazon. You can get a Philips 3200 EP3241 espresso machine with the LatteGo system for just $800, which saves you $200 on the regular price of $1,000.

The Philips 3200 EP3241 espresso machine is a full-service machine that produces a cup of coffee just as good as the ones you’ll find in coffee shops but without needing to make the trek there. Among the best home espresso makers, this is the most versatile of the bunch because it consolidates all the steps of making great beverages into a single appliance. It comes with a 12-step adjustable grinder, so you’ll be able to turn your beans into a fine powder, a coarse grind, or anything in between. The grinders are 100% ceramic, so you’ll get a hard and precise grind every single time. It’s also effortless to clean and maintain.

Its biggest feature is the LatteGo milk system, a fully integrated milk system that lets you make handcrafted beverages from home. Just fill up the frothing chamber with milk, and it will automatically do the mixing to create a high-quality, creamy milk foam that pours into the same cup. You’ll have the ability to create five different automatic coffee drinks directly from the intuitive touch display, which lets you easily select the strength and quantity of any particular beverage. You can even customize your own drinks and try out some fun international coffee recipes. The milk system is also straightforward to clean since it’s just two parts — you can clean it in as few as 15 seconds under the tap after use.

If this is the ideal espresso and coffee machine for you, then there’s no time to waste. Right now, you can pick up this fantastic appliance at Amazon for $200 off, bringing the price down from $1,000 to just $800. Hit that Buy Now button below and start making better coffee today.



If you’re looking for a great deal on espresso machines, take advantage of this sale from Amazon.


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