Mojitos are part of the royal family of Rum. They’re a traditional cocktail, perfect for warm summer days. This Cuban cocktail is simple to prepare and refreshing. It consists of sugar, lemon, soda water, and mint. You can customize it for your own tastes, so you can make it a stronger after-work beverage or lighter drink for the day.

Here are some tips to help you make this legendary drink even better. Fresh ingredients are a must, particularly when using citrus or herbs. Simple syrups can all go bad, so be sure to keep them fresh. You also need rum. Some rum is necessary.

Mojitos are usually made with lighter or white liquor. These are the majority of our choices. We also know the benefits of aged rum even though it may only be for a short time and the potential to transform the drink. Darker rums can give the drink more depth and character. This is ideal for cooler nights or when you like barrel-aged dark fruits and spices.

These rums will help you to enjoy a Havana holiday as spring and summer begin.

Bayou Silver Rum

Bayou Rum Distillery, Louisiana makes Bayou Silver Rum from unrefined sugarcane and molasses. It is easy to drink because of the tropical flavors that are underpinning sweet vanilla and butterscotch.

Banks 5 Island Rum

This rum’s number does not refer to its age. It refers to the fact the rum contains rums of five different islands. Technically, the blend is 21 rums from six distilleries located on the five islands. Banks 5 Island Rum is made up of different flavors from various islands, including Trinidad’s blackstrap Molasses flavor and aromatics from Jamaica’s Pot Stills.

Mount Gay Silver Rum

This is Mount Gay’s only silver rum. It has soft flavors of sugar cane syrup and banana. The taste is light and refreshing, and there are hints of citrus and mint at the ends of the mouth and in the finish. Mojitos bring out the mint flavors and elevate it to new heights.

Flor de Cana 4

Flor de Cana 4 has been aged for four years. It is light and clear, and perfect for mixed drinks. Flor de Cana 4’s light flavors of vanilla, coconut and barrel can withstand stronger mixes. Grab one and get a Flor de Cana 4.

Cana Brava Rum

Cana Brava Panamanian Rum is made by Don Pancho, a master distiller who has 45 years experience in rum production. It’s a dry rum with floral and honey notes. Cana Brava also contains dark chocolate, cacao butter and vanilla. The back of the rum finishes with a lengthy, fruity finish.

Bacardi Superior

Bacardi is a standard in bars across the nation, and a Mojito list would be incomplete without it. Bacardi is synonymous with rum. Its low price doesn’t diminish its distinctive flavor. The blend of vanilla, sugar and oak is a great balance for cocktails. However, it also allows the mixer to shine like it was meant to. You can use it in Daiquiri too.

Plantation 3 Stars Rum

Plantation 3 Stars Rum is a blend of Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad rums. It uses the unique characteristics and aged rums (ranging from Barbados rum unaged to Jamaican rum 10-years-old) to make a balanced, nuanced white spirit. On the nose, you’ll find honey, brown sugar and vanilla. The palate will be dominated by dark chocolate and root beer. It finishes with a herbal and grassy finish, almost like rhum agricultural.

Cruzan Aged Light Rum

Cruzan Aged light Rum, a mix of aged rums from between one to four years is filter after it has been aged in American oak barrels. This gives the rum its straw-colored color. The rum has a dry, vanilla-like flavor that is reminiscent of Pina Colada. It has a smooth, crisp palate with a clean finish.

Goslings Gold Seal Rum

Gold Seal, a golden rum by the company that invented the Dark and Stormy, is a refreshing departure from other rums. Gold Seal is a mix of continuous and pot still rums. It is aged for approximately five years to give it flavors of tropical fruits and oak on the nose. The palate is mellow, fruity and dry with a peppery finish.


Introduce refreshing BACARDÍ Carta Blanca white rum to the cool, crispness of freshly squeezed lime and mint on ice. You’ve just created an Original BACARDÍ Mojito – the perfect rum cocktail for sundown and other magical moments.

The name Bacardi is practically synonymous with rum, and the brand’s affordable white core expression is used by bartenders everywhere to make cocktails, including the Mojito. Superior is light, floral, and not overpoweringly sweet, allowing it to blend nicely with the fresh mint and tart lime components of this drink.

Classic Fresh Rum Mojitos
Inspired Taste
5 mins
Club soda, ice, white rum, lime juice, sugar
The Mojito with Dark Rum
The Weary Chef
5 mins
Club soda, lime, ice, white rum, fresh mint leaves
Dark Rum Mojito
Hello Little Home
5 mins
Club soda, lime, dark rum, mint leaves, raw sugar

white rum

There are light rums, dark rums, aged rums, and spiced rums. Some utilize pot stills while others are produced in column stills. Occasionally, producers base their product on a blend of the two. Simply put, rum is one of the most diverse categories of alcohol on the planet.19-Apr-2022

– Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. Spiced Rum, Rum.
– BACARDÍ Gold Rum. Rum, Gold Rum.
– Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Spiced Rum, Rum.
– Captain Morgan 100 Proof Spiced Rum. Spiced Rum, Rum.
– Mount Gay Rum Eclipse. Rum, Gold Rum.
– Goslings Black Seal Rum.
– Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva.
– Bumbu Original Rum.


Mojitos are a traditional Cuban cocktail best served on a warm summer day. They consist of sugar, lemon, soda water, and mint. Fresh ingredients (particularly when using citrus or herbs) as well as rum are required for this recipe. There is no standard type of rum to use in a


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