The world is now open again, with most countries removing or loosening restrictions from the pandemic-era period. This means that live music can be enjoyed once more. As the pandemic is over, this post lists the eight best shows you can attend.

Tame Impala

From February 27 through October 29

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The Slow Rush tour was named after Tame Impala’s 2020 album. It will also include slow-releasing remixes. Tame Impala will support the Slow Rush box set with its new, synth-supported indie rock.

The start of the second 2020s tour will be in Tempe, Arizona on February 27, 2019. This follows the return to touring in 2021 and the teaser-named Phase1 Rushium Trials. Kevin Parker, an Australian native, and his band will be performing in phase 2 of 2022 after Junglepussy rocked the crowd with her R&B moves.

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John Mayer

From March 18 through May 10,


It’s still not clear if John Mayer’s 1990s-era soft-pop-rock album SobRock is real or a joke. It is undisputed that Mayer can rock. Mayer, whether it be his indie-rock debut, blues phase or new, soft, sweet tracks, is an accomplished musician. Mayer will showcase his whole package, including tight tracks and sick licks as well as undeniable charisma throughout the spring.

The majority of venues travel from West to East Coast and Mayer will be appearing alongside Dead & Company. This includes remaining Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart along with Mayer and Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti.

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Tyler, the Creator

From March 18 through August 3

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Tyler the Creator embarks on his worldwide tour, moving up the West Coast, North America, after the release of his 2021 album Call me If You Get Lost. The hip-hop star’s greatest album may also be the most refined and subtle. Although the lyrics to horror are still there, they have been enhanced with more skillful cuts beneath beats that seem less direct and more hip-hop-oriented.

Multiple characters will support the international excursion, including Vince Staples and Kali Uchis. Already, Tyler kicked off in Phoenix with a show on February 8, and tickets are already selling fast.

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Beach House, Once Twice Melody Tour

From March 22 through July 4,

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Stian Schlosser Moller/Wikipedia.

The musical duo Beach House formed in Baltimore in 2004 and has been improving with every album. Twice Melody is the 2022 album that captures their soaring, pop-rock sound.

This album contains 18 tracks and was released in four sections over the course of four months. They will be touring the rest of the country for 30 shows. The tour takes them from the east coast to the west, then across Europe to return to their home base in summer. Although it is not yet clear if the band will include its string group, Victoria Legrand, vocalist and keyboardist, as well as Alex Scally, guitarist, keyboardist, backup vocalist, will surely charm crowds around the West.

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Drug War

From March 22 through October 11

Jeff Marquis/Flickr.

The War on Drugs will support not just one but two albums in 2020s — 2021’s I Don’t Live There Anymore, and 2020’s Live Drugs. The band’s songs are full of melodies and try to fill an entire space with their music, so it is natural that they have a common live sound.

Adam Granduciel, the lead singer, often portrays himself as someone lost and alone in his lyrics. He can be seen on the road, in the rain, floating in between the waves and getting lost in a dream. The Floydian epic may make it easy for fans to forget about the cynical and turbulent world around them.

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Olivia Rodrigo

From April 5 through July 7

White House/Wikipedia.

Olivia Rodrigo (18-year-old ex-Disney princess) might be the most famous act currently on earth. While she will have support from teen and tween girls around the globe, Rodrigo is an entertaining and talented performer. The singer’s powerful and raw vocals buoy her rocking pop songs. This may be obvious to you, but Rodrigo has two tracks on her new Sour album that have received more than one trillion hits.

Although it travels over two continents and lasts for four months, Rodrigo’s Sour Tour is currently sold out. But don’t let that get you down. These grapes are also available on other vines such as StubHub.

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From April 24 through June 14

Haim performing in April 2018.


Not only are you going to get almost perfect pop-rock with the multi-instrumentalist sister trio of Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim, now you get to see an Oscar nominee rocking a guitar as a bonus. Alana’s role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2021 film Licorice Pizza has received a lot of praise.

Audiences will know by the time that the sisters begin their April one more Haim tour if they’re carrying a gold statuette. However, fame is not the only reason to go. Haim’s multidimensional, genre-defying songwriting is a shining example of Haim’s personal touch and a great exploration of melody.

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The Weeknd

From July 8 through September 3

“The Weeknd performs at Massey Hall, October 2013″ class=”size-large wp-image-1196786″ onerror=”dti_load_error(this)” src=”×800.jpg”/>

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, a Canadian musician and music producer, has already made an appearance in the 2020s as both a victim of maimed plastic surgery and as an older gray-haired senior. The Wknd isn’t content with changing his face. In Dawn FM, his 2022 album is a showcase of both his sonic diversity and dark lyrics.

This concept album reflects a feeling of helplessness and a stuck mindset. Tesfaye has been making music since 2009 when he made his debut. His music explores escape from reality, doomed love and often draws on personal experiences. The album will also have a musical movie that accompanies it on Amazon Prime. Fans can access the music in Toronto starting in July (with Doja Cat opening).

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Tame Impala will release an album in 2019 entitled “Slow Rush”, and will tour North America, Europe, and Australia.


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