The Nemo Dagger 2P backpacking camp tent was my chance to experience the past month. For years the Nemo Dagger 2P has been a favorite tent. It is a sturdy camping tent that can be used for one or two people, but it’s also light and fast enough to use for backpacking. Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P is the “new” model for 2022. It has all of the same great features as the original Dagger but it’s now made with Nemo 100% recycled OSMO fabric.

The Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P, which is light and compact and extremely weatherproof and constructed from premium materials, is undoubtedly the most impressive Dagger. It should also be on your list if you are looking for the “one tent that rules them all”. After a night in the woods, here’s what I think about the Dagger OSMO2P.

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Kurt Spurlock

The Nemo Dagger OSMO: What is it?

This tent is a great option for anyone looking to do it all. But the real news in 2022 will be Nemo’s OSMO fabric. OSMO is big news. This material was developed by Nemo over many years. The results are impressive.

Most tents are constructed from polyester or ripstop nylon, which is then covered with polyurethane to add water protection. OSMO fabric uses a mix of nylon and polyester (both made of 100% recycled yarns) in its construction. This gives it the best of both. It’s an extremely tough fabric, which is waterproof and highly resistant to stretching, sagging and drying faster than any other Nemo tent material.

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Kurt Spurlock

OSMO is water resistant without the use of PFC chemicals and meets its flammability requirements without harmful chemical additives. OSMO represents a significant leap in tech and environmental sustainability. It’s great to be able to have both your cake and eat the same thing without having any compromises on performance.

The Nemo dagger OSMO 2P stands out features

Since its inception, the Dagger tent has been packed with features. The latest Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P is no exception. These are some of my favorite features.

  • In the rain, OSMO fabric looks amazing. Although there is a lot of hype surrounding outdoor products, I found it truly impressive to see the tent shed water throughout the afternoon and even through the night. The tent was dry and stable in all weather conditions, including heavy wind and rain. I also had no problems with the rainfly sagging.
  • The interior space is excellent. Dagger’s spacious interior has been a hallmark of the brand. The latest model is no exception. The Dagger OSMO has a wide floor area that allows two campers to comfortably sleep together without having to rub the tent walls. It also boasts a staggering 90 inches in length. This means plenty of space for gear at both the foot and head of the tent.
  • Vestibule Storage ranks among the top in the industry. The Dagger OSMO 2p has two vestibules that can store 11.4 square feet. This is a huge space for a tent but also a great size for backpackers.
  • Easy set-up and removal are quick and simple. Combining a color-coded tent with a poleset makes assembly easy. The outgoing model also has multi-function “jake’s feet” that can be used to attach the tent and rainfly.
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Kurt Spurlock

The Tent I love

A Nemo Dagger that is an “all-rounder” is able to do almost everything outdoors. This is the hallmark of a true all-rounder. This is exactly what the new Dagger OSMO2P delivers. These are my top perks for the Dagger OSMO 2P.

  1. This tent can be used as a backpacking tent. One of the biggest challenges for “plus-sized backpacking tents” like this is to keep them light and compact enough that they are backcountry compatible. The Dagger OSMO weighs in at four pounds, two ounces, and packs to a size of 19.5×6.5×3.5 inches (the rectangular stuff bag is the packing size). It is easy to carry one or two people.
  2. This tent is extremely livable. For me, the most important aspect of backpacking tents is their livability. While size and weight are essential, I am willing to take a few extra pounds if I can have a shelter that I enjoy spending my time in. Dagger OSMO has more space than average and a higher peak height, making it a great backpacking tent. It also features extra features that make the shelter even more comfortable in the backcountry. The tent’s twin storage vestibules are large enough to keep it from becoming cluttered. However, if you want to store your outdoor gear inside, the tent has plenty of room.
  3. This tent is great and good for the environment: I have to applaud Nemo’s investment in sustainability. Their OSMO fabric is the first to be mentioned. It is 100% made of recycled materials and offers remarkable waterproofing. Nemo’s polybag elimination program, in which disposable plastic bags were replaced by woven bags exclusively made from recycled plastic bottles, is the second major sustainability initiative. The simple change keeps literally tons plastic from going to landfills or oceans each year. Nemo, thank you.
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Kurt Spurlock

The Dagger OSMO2P: What I don’t love about it

For years, the Nemo Dagger 2P is considered to be one of best “one-tent solutions”. The latest Dagger OSMO 2P is Nemo’s most impressive yet. However, there are some things that I would like them to do differently the next time.

  1. No footprint:Nemo has the most sophisticated gear in the industry, so we are expecting it to be a high-end product. With all that said, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Nemo not to include a footprint and the Dagger OSMO in the asking price. It’s a tent designed for dual use as a backpacker or camper. We have the choice to either keep it in our home, when space and weight are important.
  2. It doesn’t protect the ends of the tent. I sat in a rainstorm inside my Dagger OSMO 2P and there wasn’t a drop of rain. However, I felt paranoid about some of the open sections at the foot and head of the tent. Nemo has an additional-high bathtub-style flooring to keep the Dagger’s interior safe from splashes and runoff. However, I prefer having two layers of fabric. The system is effective, however, in an all-around tent such as this I am always happy to add weight and protection for greater durability.
  3. Outdoor gear is expensive. Good outdoor gear should be well-priced. Dagger OSMO2P is a great choice for those who want top-of the-line performance fabrics and a high-quality DAC Featherlite NSL poleset. It also has incredibly livable designs. It’s priced against heavy hitters such as the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 or MSR Hubba Hubba 2P. It’s ultimately up to the buyer whether or not the Dagger has the edge here due to its tough fabric and large vestibule. However, if the price was $50 less, that would make it much more easy.

FAQs about The Nemo dagger OSMO2P

Consider the Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P your next outdoor shelter. These are the most frequently asked questions on the Internet.

Are there other sizes available for the Nemo Dagger OSMO version?

The updated Dagger OSMO is available at Nemo in two- and three-person sizes. The OSMO treatment has been applied to the Nemo Hornet for the 2022, allowing it to be used as a tent for one person.

The new OSMO fabric is as strong as the Dagger’s original?

Although Nemo no longer lists their fabric specifications in denier ratings, after using the OSMO fabric for a month, I am confident that it is weatherproof and tough. The Dagger has yet to leave a footprint. Even after putting it down on some shaky surfaces, there have been no visible tears or scrapes. OSMO’s waterproofing is evident in this design’s ability to withstand rain. Overnight rains were not a problem.

The new Nemo Dagger OSMO is it worth the investment?

It’s a valid question that you will have to answer for yourself. The short answer to this question is “Yes” if you are already looking at tents in the same price range. The main reason I choose the Nemo over Big Agnes or MSR tents is (a) its excellent vestibule storage; (b) the additional interior space making it a two-person tent and (c) the knowledge that you’re supporting a company that cares about the environment.

Do You Need to Buy the Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P

The Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P tent is ideal for those who want a camper that can also double as a backpacker or comfortable camper. There are cheaper options in this genre, such as the REI Half Dome. However, they weigh more and pack down less. They also lack some of the most premium features.

You won’t find tents this good-made in the same price bracket as this one. It’s just as impressive that OSMO fabric can be both extremely tough and waterproof.


The NEMO Hornet 2P is an ultralight tent designed for those who want to cut all but the necessary from their pack. The semi-freestanding setup takes some skill, but greatly reduces overall weight. Clever features from NEMO, like the Divvy Stuff Sack and Light Pocket, add to overall livability.

The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P is a freestanding dome-style tent with a very spacious 90″ x 50″ inner tent floor that is wide enough for two wide sleeping pads, with lots of extra space at the head or foot ends for additional gear storage.28-Mar-2022

5.0 out of 5 stars Super light! This is the best tent that I have ever owned. The material is so light weight yet very durable. It’s a perfect amount of space for solo camping.

Nemo makes lightweight and very durable backpacking, mountaineering and camping tents. They also make great sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Since Nemo tents utilize innovative features, Nemo has won several awards for design and innovation.21-Apr-2022

20 years dedicated to crafting gear that lasts a lifetime. Our founder and CEO, Cam Brensinger, started NEMO Equipment with the goal of building a lasting and iconic brand that inspires love for adventure, each other, and our planet.


The Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P is a backpacking tent that is light, compact, and extremely weatherproof with a high-performance material. The tent has all the standard features of a typical tent, including good ventilation, stability in windy conditions, and comfortable sleeping space.


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