Are you looking for adventure and great food in an urban metropolis of the mountains? Medellin in Colombia is a must-see. Medellin’s temperature is between 63-83°F. The weather in Colombia is determined by the elevation and not location. Colombia’s borders lie above and below the Equator. It is hot and steamy in Cartagena at sea level, but cool in Bogota on the plateau in the Andes Mountains. Medellin, which lies in the Aburra Valley, has a view that keeps the heat in and rain out.

You will find endless opportunities to view and eat in Medellin. Colonial buildings, museums and luxurious hotels are surrounded by colorful homes. The music adds flavor to the atmosphere, along with grilling meats or the bright lights that blaze across the night. The city has many urban escapes for those who are done eating. This Manual guide will show you how to swim, hike and fly in the skies.

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*A State Department Advisory warned that there’s still a pandemic in Colombia. New cases of pandemic have fallen precipitously, as has the case in many other places. To travel to this country, you must have proof of COVID-19.

What to stay

Medellin has many wonderful areas to explore. You can choose from the many barrios located between Poblado and La Laureles to find the ideal place to call home.

There are over 300 places to pick from. Visitors should begin with those that have the most visitors and expats. They include Central Laureles and Northeastern Laureles as well as Central Poblado and Lower Poblado.

Marquee Medellin

img alt=”The Marquee Medellin’s inside bar and lobby” class=”size-large wp-image-1194849″ onerror=”dti_load_error(this)” src=”×800.jpg”/>

Marquee Medellin

The Marquee offers everything you need: Panoramic views over the city, warm brown walls and a light scheme that adds warmth to the space. The rooftop has the obligatory sleek outdoor pool with a view over Medellin. For a great selection of Colombian cuisine-inspired meals, you can visit the Marquee Restaurant.

Parque Lleras is the Marquee’s heart, while El Poblado is the popular and crowded neighborhood. International flights from Medellin to the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, MDE (MDE) are located in Rionegro. It is approximately 13.5 miles away from the Marquee Medellin.

Terra Biohotel

Terra Biohotel.

You can make a difference in Medellin’s environment by staying at a sustainable hotel that is comfortable and sustainable. Terra Biohotel has made intelligent uses of its resources in order to provide a comfortable environment for you and your planet.

You won’t find any more environmentally-friendly Medellin hotel than the one with lush vertical gardens and solar-powered heating. You can see the stunning city from the balcony of one the rooms on the top floor if you ask for one. You can also walk from Terra to Conquistadores, a tree-lined neighborhood in the center of Medellin, where you will find the iconic Nutibara Hill. Terra Biohotel is located 15 miles east from the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport.

How to Eat

While there are many fruits and vegetables, Paisa is heavy with meats and sausages. You won’t find it as spicy as Mexican food, but there are plenty of sweets to complement the savory. This creates a nice combination.

  • $ = Budget-friendly, or Cheap
  • “$$”= average
  • “$$$”= price


img alt=”The bar in Carmen Medellin” class=”size-large wp-image-1194897″ onerror=”dti_load_error(this)” src=”×800.jpg”/>

Carmen Medellin.

Carmen offers innovative Colombian food in lush surroundings. Gastronomes will find Carmen with every accolade.

Carmen is run by an American-Colombian couple, both Cordon Bleu chefs. It combines Colombian flavours with strong Californian influences. Enjoy innovative flavors and meats such as tamarind pork belly, or fresh fish in sweet sauce.

Carmen offers diners a variety of dining options. The elegant and naturally lit dining area overlooks the open kitchen, which is surrounded by greenery. To dine outside, step into this conservatory with its 1950s-inspired ambiance and enter the lush greenery.

Ideal for lunch or dinner. $$$.

Check out the menu


img alt=”Interior of Ocio at Medellin.” class=”wp-image-1195999 size-large” onerror=”dti_load_error(this)” src=”×800.jpg”/>

Ocio is a continental take on traditional Colombian cuisine in El Poblado. Modern European influences give old school Colombian dishes new life. Influences such as Chicharron.

Laura Londono, a Parisian-trained chef, partners Santiago Arango in bringing you slow-cooked, fresh-picked delights such as pork belly salad and beef braised for 12hrs.

What’s the cherry on top? Enjoy a delicious meal without any pretense with 1980s music overhead.

Best for dinner; $$.

Check out the menu

How to do it

There are many parks and other public areas in the city. You can also find cafes and libraries. The City of Eternal Spring is home to flowers that have their fairs and colors. It also has a green area where you can find forests with small villages and nature reserves.

Café Culture

img alt=”A coffee from Cafe Aroma de Barrio, Medellin” class=”size-large wp-image-1194911″ onerror=”dti_load_error(this)” src=”×800.jpg”/>

Cafe Aroma de Barrio/Facebook

Although Colombia is one of the most productive countries for coffee production, it wasn’t easy to find Colombian coffee in Medellin 10 years ago. The country’s finest coffee is exported so most Colombians don’t drink the beans they grow. However, this is changing and there are some great local coffees available in the city.

The charming Cafe Aroma del Barrio is a perfect example of this. In the heart of Comuna 13, once considered a “no-go” area, it has become a hub for artistic and entrepreneurial activity. The Aroma del Barrio’s baristas are skilled in making high-quality cappuccinos and limonada coco (coconut limeade) as well as other coffee beverages Medellin has. These tiny spots attract many international and local visitors.

Check out the menu

Explore Parque Arvi

Cable car to Parque Arvi in Medellin.


Are you looking to fly in Medellin or be taken up on a mountain side?

Parque Arvi offers a wonderful view of springtime in the city. You can take the gondola from the station to reach the park’s entry and enjoy a stunning view of the hills and descending valleys and the entire cityscape.

Parque Arvi covers 16,000 ha and has over 1,500 year-old trails. You can find supplies in the small market at the park’s entrance. The place is also a launch point for self-guided and tour-guided walks. The cost of the trails varies from 1.50-$2.25 to 5,000 Colombian pesos (depending on how long they are). Most trail lengths range between 2-4km and up to $7,000.

You will see dozens upon dozens of butterfly and bird species on your journey.

See the Park

Here are some ways to save money on your trip

Let me start by saying that Colombia is the border between two continents and you need to be careful. There is a lot of opportunity for criminality as goods and people flow through the country that has the highest biodiversity. Medellin has many similarities to other countries: Pay attention to where you are, where you are going, and what you’re doing.

It is easy to save money in Medellin, just like you would travel there. The American dollar is more versatile than the Colombian pesos. When you decide where to spend your money, be aware of this. It’s great to have a good time while also contributing to your local economy.


Medellin’s population is huge, which means that transportation will be needed to get you around. You will need to pay for taxis and Uber semi-legal rides, but once you reach your destination there is often much to see. You can save money by walking around the neighborhood. You can find cheap or free tours all over the city.

Real City Walking Tours offers a great free tour as well as an introduction to the city. The guides will give you great tips and provide great service. Make sure you tip at the end of your tour!


Selina Medellin is located in the center of Provenza, surrounded by authentic coffee shops, bars and culinary hotspots. Although Selina Hostel may not be the most affordable, it’s the ideal location to start your Medellin adventures. You will find a variety of accommodation options that suit your travel needs. There is a coworking area, a cafe and a bar, as well as a yoga studio and rooftop space.

The curated programming includes art, photography and food, as well as a variety of other peoples from all over the globe. Even local DJs can keep you dancing late into the evening as well.

Car Rentals

Localiza offers some of the finest deals, as it is a highly regarded local agency that rents cars at a rate of $30 per day. Other options, such as Enterprise and Alamo are also possible.


– People will talk to you!
– Avoid the Escobar chat.
– Take public transport.
– Don’t go everywhere in shorts and flip-flops.
– You can split a Bandeja Paisa.
– Don’t miss the Free Walking Tour.
– Don’t limit yourself to the city alone.
– The airport is outside the city.

While Medellin is generally safe for travelers in terms of violent crime, a recent string of armed robberies and petty crimes against tourists are occurring as of late 2021.

Colombia – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel due to crime and terrorism. Exercise increased caution due to civil unrest and kidnapping. Some areas have increased risk.

For visitors ages 18 and older who have had their first vaccine but are not fully vaccinated or were fully vaccinated less than 14 days before arriving in Colombia are required to show a negative PCR test from no more than 72 hours prior to their initial departure to Colombia.

Shorts, tank tops and flip flops are generally a no-go. Whilst perfect for the beach at Cartagena, here in Medellin they are generally frowned upon.

Generally — yes! Medellin is a safe place for travelers (with a little know-how!). Locals in Medellin helped us create this guide to safety in their hometown. It includes everything from the coronavirus to tips for solo travelers.26-Mar-2022


In Colombia, the weather is based on elevation. It is hot and steamy in Cartagena at sea level, but cool in Bogota on the plateau in the Andes Mountains. Medellin, which lies in the Aburra Valley, has a view that keeps the heat in and


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