– Sign in to the Partner Center.
– On the left, click Book Catalog.
– Select the title of the book you want to remove.
– Go to the Summary tab. To remove the book from sale but keep it previewable in Google Books, select Remove from Google Play.
– Click Save.

– Go horizontal.
– Use your shelves for support.
– Use books usefully.
– Stack books in unused spaces—under beds, in empty drawers, under coffee tables.
– Hang shelves from any space that’s not being used.

– Start by putting heavier items first.
– Declutter your shelves.
– Consider adjustable shelving.
– Group your favorite books together.
– Don’t be afraid to stack.
– Consider vintage books.
– Mix your books with other decor items.
– Don’t overstuff your bookcase.

After dealing with shelf space and height, you may wish to categorize your books still further. Sort children’s books from adult books, and fiction from nonfiction. Sort “to do” nonfiction (gardening, drawing, exercising, birdwatching) from other types of nonfiction (history, art, biographies).

– First, Remove Everything.
– Add Large Baskets to the Two Bottom Shelves.
– Add Greenery.
– Group Books More Thoughtfully.
– Add Things That Aren’t Photos or Books.
– Consider Groupings of Three & Small Vignettes.
– Play Around With The Space Between The Shelves.

– Get rid of a book that’s been adapted into a bad movie.
– Let go of any books in a series that you don’t love.
– Recycle magazines that you haven’t opened within the past month.
– Choose contemporary over classics.


Google Books partner center: Sign in, click book catalog, select title of the book you want to remove, go to the Summary tab, and choose Remove from Google Play.


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