If you’re trying to eat well, that means buying quality food and cooking more meals at home — and you may have already discovered that this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Selecting and shopping for the right ingredients and preparing food takes both time and effort, but meal kit delivery services like Green Chef can make things a little (or maybe a lot) easier. And right now, you can sign up for Green Chef and enjoy $130 off plus free shipping. Here’s how Green Chef can level up your kitchen game.

Three paper bags and an empty Green Chef box placed behind a variety of healthy foods on a kitchen counter.

There’s a bevy of meal kit delivery services today, and it’s not hard to see why. We’re surrounded by quick and easy food options, but these are rarely the best choices available. On the other hand, preparing your own meals using quality ingredients can seem like a daunting endeavor, and even if you’re already initiated into the world of home cooking, it can be time-consuming. When your schedule gets busy, it’s easy to default to quick-and-easy foods, and good eating becomes a secondary priority.

Meal kit delivery services like Green Chef are the perfect solution for busy aspiring home chefs who are looking to save time at the grocery store and in the kitchen. The idea is beautifully simple: When you sign up, you’ll tailor your plan to your habits and preferences. Then, you’ll select how many meals you want each week, and Green Chef handles the rest. You’ll receive a weekly delivery of pre-measured ingredients, complete with recipes, right to your door. It won’t replace all of your grocery shopping, but it’s a great way to start preparing quality food and fitting more home cooking into your schedule.

Green Chef’s meal plans cover a nice range of preferences and include options for Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free options, as well as Fast & Fit for those looking for quick and calorie-conscious meals. Each week you can choose from a variety of meals and your box includes pre-measured and prepped ingredients so you can get cooking right away.

Your Green Chef plan includes between three and four meals per week for two, four, or six people, with the per-serving cost sitting between $11.99 and $13.49 depending on how many meals you choose (larger plans are cheaper per serving). For a limited time, Green Chef is offering new subscribers $130 off with free shipping. That makes now a great time to jump aboard and sign up for Green Chef if you’re looking to start eating well while saving time in the kitchen.



Green Chef is a meal delivery service that offers pre-packaged recipes and ingredients. These meals can be tailored to the customer’s dietary preferences. The new plan starts at $13.49 for three meals per week for two people with free shipping.


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