Tobias Dorzon, chef and executive chef of Thirteen in Houston is on a mission. He is currently the executive chef at Thirteen in Houston, owned by NBA All-Star James Harden. Dorzon also has curated meals at James Beard House, and has prepared food for many celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, and others. Dorzon has won four times on Guy’s Grocery Game, and is currently a contestant in Season 3 of Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions.

These culinary achievements can be attributed to Dorzon’s unique background in football. Dorzon attributes his culinary success to this unique experience in professional football.

That’s what football helped me the most. Being mentally ready and not worrying about my opponents is the best thing. Dorzon said that he was also focused on his craft and how it has helped him.

From Football to the Cooking Table

Dorzon was exposed to restaurant life from a young age. His father was an African immigrant who ran a restaurant in Washington D.C. and also managed a catering business. Although Dorzon’s childhood was marked by his restaurant experiences, he grew up devoted to football. He attended Jackson State University, Mississippi as an athlete scholarship. After graduation, he played in the NFL and Canadian football leagues. He had achieved his childhood goal.

Dorzon decided to leave professional football and pursue an exciting career in the culinary industry. Why did Dorzon make this career change? Dorzon’s competitive spirit and passion was what prompted him to make the career switch, which is the same trait that propelled his journey as a professional athlete.

Dorzon stated, “That was (football), my ultimate goal and the only thing that I loved to do.” Just like anyone who excels at something, I realized that once I arrived in Canada it was the right time to find something new.

He was refocused on his ability to reinvent himself and enrolled at the Culinary School of the Art Institute of Washington. There he learned as much about food as possible. Dorzon spent six months studying abroad in Sicily while he was at Culinary School. His perspective as a chef would be greatly influenced by this overseas experience. He was able to create his own culinary style by learning about fine-dining and plating. This experience significantly influenced his views on food and cooking. It also positioned Dorzon in the mindset of a chef. He learned how to pay attention to details in Sicily and was inspired by the global setting for his training to develop his own style of classic American food with an international twist.

Food Television: A Mentality of an Athlete

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Dorzon is a successful restaurateur, but he has also ventured into the world of competitive food TV. Four-time Guy’s Grocery Games winner, Dorzon soon became a favorite because of his energetic personality and innovative food. These culinary contests were his first, but he quickly learned the ropes and was an excellent cook in pressure cooking. Dorzon attributes his success on the football field once again to the lessons learned.

Dorzon said, “Being able o have that competitive edge playing soccer, I took it to the culinary industry.” Although I don’t think chefs have this competitive edge, it was something football prepared me for. I believe football helped me to be a better cook, regardless of whether it was an event or a culinary competition. Because football players must compete every day. You must compete to win. The same goes for culinary arts.

Dorzon has this fire-breathing attitude and is taking on another challenge. He will be competing in the new season of Tournament of Champions. This competition is arguably America’s largest culinary contest. The final prize is $100,000. It features Michelin-starred chefs as well as James Beard Award winners. Dorzon found himself suddenly in the same room as some of his idols, and was initially a bit stunned by the competition. He also gained valuable insights. He must have been a peer now that he is in the same contest as the great chefs. Dorzon is not new to intense competition and the new world of food TV is just another way to be a champion.

The Tournament of Champions is not over for him. Dorzon is a fierce competitor and wants to do his best in the culinary industry. Dorzon has high goals, and hopes to be awarded a James Beard Award and a Michelin Star. Dorzon will be one step closer towards achieving his goals in the spring 2022 with the opening Huncho House, Hyattsville (Maryland). Dorzon will run the restaurant, which allows him to show off his distinctive food and cooking style. It’s not only Dorzon’s latest culinary achievement, but it is also a milestone in his unique life.


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Chef Tobias Dorzon is the executive chef at Thirteen, which James Harden owns and where he has curated many celebrity meals. Dorzon attributes his success to his football background and being mentally prepared for matches that helped him in the kitchen. He also gained an overseas experience while studying abroad. From there,


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