There are many online delivery options for meal kits. Blue Apron or Home Chef might be a good choice if you enjoy cooking but don’t know how to start. While both are well-known names in meal delivery, it’s possible that you don’t know how to distinguish them or weigh which is better. We’ve done a thorough review of both service and discussed what you can expect. Continue reading to learn everything we can about each meal kit service, including how simple they are to use and what creative and interesting recipes you can make. We also discuss how much to expect for each one. You should be able to decide which meal delivery service works best for your family.

It’s easy to use

You might be interested in a delivery service that delivers meal kits. You want convenience and ease of use so that you have the opportunity to eat healthy while avoiding the hassle. Blue Apron, Home Chef and other meal delivery services are great at saving time and reducing the need to prepare meals ahead of time. These meal kit delivery services are designed to make it easier than cooking all from scratch and also save you time (and taste better) than ordering takeout. Both services are easy to sign-up for. Signing up for each service takes only seconds. Each service delivers to all 50 states in the US, except Alaska and Hawaii. You can also choose your delivery date based on where you live. These services will be easy to accommodate if you live a hectic lifestyle.

Blue Apron registration begins with entering an email address and creating a password. You can then choose the plan that would best suit your needs. Blue Apron allows you to choose between meals that can be prepared for two people or four. After you have figured this out you will be able to choose from two, three or four meals per week. This allows you some freedom in your choice of what kind of food you would like for the remainder. You have three options. There are three options: Signature, Wellness and Vegetarian. We’ll get into these preferences in more detail later. The all-rounder package Signature, for Omnivores who have no specific dietary requirements, is the best. Wellness, on the other hand, focuses more on healthy eating and WW-recommended recipes for those who want to eat well. Vegetarian, you’ve guessed, offers vegetarian options. You can change your plans at any time. To start, simply enter your delivery and payment information. You can then add meals. Blue Apron makes it easy to understand what you can expect from Blue Apron when it comes time to pay each week. You also know the food that you will be getting for the week.

Home chef registration is also easy. Click the sign up button to choose from two plans. You can choose from Home Chef, which allows you to select from many meals prepared with fresh ingredients. Or Home Chef Fresh and Simple, which will send you meals that are low- or no-prep for people who have less time or energy. You can choose to make a list of calorie- and carb-conscious dishes, or you can pick any foods you like. Enter your ZIP code and email address. Home Chef will allow you to select how many meals you would like each week and how many. Blue Apron’s Home Chef allows you to cook for two, four or six persons. The service allows you to make up to six recipes per week and can also provide two or three recipe per week. This means that almost the entire week is covered.

Each service packs food carefully. Blue Apron will offer recyclable material, but it is necessary to separate them. The majority of Home Chef’s packaging is recyclable and reusable, but they often offer more packaging that may be too much for eco-conscious customers. Both services can use large quantities of ice packs, however this is a common practice for meal delivery companies as nobody wants to eat spoiled meat.

Blue Apron as well Home Chef have good options for cancelling or making changes to orders. If necessary, you can also change the delivery day and plan. There are certain cutoff dates for meal delivery. However, you can skip weeks or change your delivery address to receive individual delivery. Blue Apron ships every day, while Home Chef only delivers on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Blue Apron delivers weekly as a standard, while Home Chef offers biweekly and monthly deliveries for those who wish to indulge in occasional sweets. There are pros and cons depending on the way you use your meal delivery service.

Winner: Draw

Inspiration for Recipes and Quality Ingredients

It doesn’t really matter how cheap or fast a delivery company is if you don’t like the food it offers. Blue Apron and the Home Chef offer a variety of options so that there is something for everyone. We all have different food preferences so it is difficult to pick the best meal. It really boils down to how you like eating. We will however look at both the options and diversity offered by each. Both services often offer great combinations of classic flavors as well as more exotic options and things that you might not have tried before. You can find delicious burgers and pasta dishes through both delivery options. Both services do not cater to specific diets. While both services provide vegetarian and vegan options, the focus is still on omnivores. HomeChef offers filters to help you rule out specific allergens and intolerances, but cannot guarantee cross-contamination protection because all the food packaging is in one place. You may wish to avoid either of these services if you suffer from severe allergies. Blue Apron helps people who are health-conscious by offering WW-approved, low-calorie meals and diabetic-friendly meals. There are also low-calorie, low-carb and vegetarian options available at Home Chef. Both services are great because customers have a wide range of tastes and can be flexible. They both offer evening meal delivery, but Home Chef has some options for lunch and dinner items. Blue Apron offers sides and desserts.

There are three types of Home Chef meal kits: standard meals, quick meals and ready-to-eat meals. Every week you will be able to choose from a variety of menu options. The majority of options are standard meals with some quick or simple prep. If you do not want to cook, there are meals that can be prepared quickly and need only heating. Blue Apron organizes the meals according to how many you are cooking and not on speed. You can also purchase butcher packs which will provide additional protein, if needed. Both services rotate their menus frequently, so there is always a wide variety. However, this only applies if you are an omnivore and have no restrictions.

Blue Apron offers fewer options and Home Chef allows you to swap for almost any dish. Blue Apron tends to be more varied in its ingredient selections, while Home Chef is more focused on home-cooked meals. Blue Apron is more complex than Home Chef because it uses more ingredients. This can change depending on the type of dish you prepare. Blue Apron has recipe videos that will help you prepare dishes that have specific techniques. This is helpful even for those who are not very familiar with cooking. Each comes with a simple to understand and read recipe card. You can also use Home Chef’s app to create your own recipes. It has a shopping list function that allows you to easily recreate a dish even after you have tried it.

Blue Apron as well Home Chef both offer quality ingredients, including fresh seafood and cold meat. The vegetables are often in excellent condition and can be cut and diced as required. Both companies have standardized spices and additives so that you do not need to measure them. Salt is often a crucial part of their cooking techniques. Blue Apron only uses non-GMO certified ingredients. While Home Chef uses only farms with animal welfare standards, it is not as effective as avoiding GMO ingredients. It has also partnered with quality producers such as Paysan Breton Butter and works to supply customers with sustainable seafood.

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Meal Kit Pricing

Prices for Blue Apron or Home Chef can vary depending on what you need. The service is more cost-effective if you order more meals per week and/or for more guests. The most valuable subscriptions offer the highest value, so it is worth paying for the more expensive plans. Blue Apron allows you to register to cook for two to four people. You can then choose whether you want to make two, three or four different recipes per week using Blue Apron. The cost of a single serving for two is $10. Shipping costs $10. You get better value if you can cook for four persons with the cost dropping to $9 per portion. You can also cook three to four dishes for $9 each if you need more recipe options. Blue Apron’s best-selling option is to prepare three meals per week for four with only three recipes. The cost is $8 for three meals per week, or $7.50 per person for four. Pricing varies depending on how frequently you use Blue Apron. It could cost you anywhere from $50 to $130 per Week depending on the number of people you cook for and how many recipes are ordered.

HomeChef, on the other hand, offers standard meals starting from $9 per portion with prices that can change depending upon what is available and which options are chosen. It requires a $50 minimum order per week. Two meals per week, for two persons, will cost $50 each. Shipping is included. If you purchase six meals per week, the fee will rise to $118. The most costly package, however, is one that includes six meals per week for six people. This package costs $333 total. It all comes down to what your family needs.

Each company offers add-ons that can raise the cost. Blue Apron provides a wine pairing subscription for $66 that includes six 500ml bottles each month. Every bottle comes paired with your chosen menu so that you can enjoy the perfect glass of wine along with your dinner meal. Kroger’s grocery distribution network offers Home Chef protein packs, bread and dessert. Although it’s not as personal as the Blue Apron system, this can still be very useful.

Blue Apron Winner:Blue Apron

Blue Apron and Home Chef — The Verdict

Blue Apron or Home Chef can be a good option if you are looking for a way to make great meals without the need to go to the grocery store. You can visit their websites each week to find appealing recipes. Fresh ingredients will be delivered right at your door, which saves you from having to shop for them. There are many options for omnivores. However, neither service has a lot of choices. You can choose to eat meatless once per week with some vegetarian options, but you shouldn’t expect extensive support for allergy-free recipes. You may also need to reconsider your cooking style if you are following a certain diet like WW, or any other low-calorie options.

Both services can be used by novice chefs. Because Home Chef offers quicker meals and more traditional recipes, it is easier to make. Home Chef can also be used if you are in a hurry as it provides many useful shortcuts to dinner. Blue Apron offers more complex recipes, but also provides videos with specific instructions to assist you in cooking. Blue Apron tends to offer more variety and more flavorful meals than Home Chef. However, you’ll need to put in a bit more effort.

If you are a couple who only wants to make a few recipes per week, Home Chef is cheaper than other options. It’s still a great way to save time and avoid the hassle of going to the grocery store, or even thinking about how to cook your meals.

There is no simple solution. The answer depends on what kind of food and how hard you cook. Blue Apron can be a great option if you are keen to cook but don’t know where to begin. Blue Apron has many great, unique recipes that are easy to make. If you are looking to reduce prep time or have picky eaters, Home Chef may be a good choice. It will still have many traditional recipes to please everyone.

Regardless of which option you pick, both are easy to learn, whether it’s about signing up or actually cooking. Each provides high-end ingredients, with pros and cons. You should try both to find the one that works for your family. You’re likely to find something you love in both of them.

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