There are many meal delivery companies that offer meals, so it is not easy to choose the right one. Blue Apron, HelloFresh and other large companies are both very appealing. We’ve done a thorough review of both to help you decide which is best for your home. Their ease-of-use, creativity, pricing, and how they work together have been evaluated. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each service so that you can choose which one suits you best.

It’s easy to use

It’s likely that the ease of using a meal delivery service is what you are looking for when you sign up. You could go out to buy the ingredients, and make your own recipes, but that is not what this service does. Blue Apron, HelloFresh and other similar services are about convenience. They save you from having to make meal plans or go to the grocery store. It’s like ordering takeout or cooking from scratch. No matter how you view your plan signing up for it is easy. Both services deliver within the United States to all states, except Alaska and Hawaii. You can choose your delivery date based on where you live. You won’t need to be concerned about delivery times being limited to what you cannot do.

Blue Apron allows you to sign up using an email address, password, and then choose the plan that suits you best. Blue Apron allows you to pick meals that are suitable for two or four persons. You can also choose from two, three or four recipe per week. There are three options available for preferences: Signature, Wellness and Vegetarian. While we’ll be discussing the details of each meal, Signature offers the most variety while Wellness is focused on vegetarian and carb-conscious options. Vegetarian, however, allows for meat-free meals. You can then enter payment information and your delivery details, and start adding meals. Blue Apron makes it easy by clearly explaining what you can expect from them when it comes time to pay each week.

HelloFresh provides a similar service. Click the Join button to instantly choose whether you want to serve two or four persons with every meal. It’s also possible to set up how many meals per week. HelloFresh allows you to access up to six recipes each week, unlike Blue Apron. You can also choose from a variety of preferences that will help you find the best recipes for your tastes. It also includes the standard Meat & Veggies menu that is suitable for everyone. You can also find a vegetarian option and pescatarian dishes for fish and vegetables lovers. This is a great option for families, healthy and fit, as well as a fast and simple option. HelloFresh offers a lot more help with recipe selections. The quick and simple option for people with limited time was a big plus.

Both services carefully pack the food, no matter which option you select. HelloFresh packs all fresh ingredients in brown paper bags and places meat under an icepack. Blue Apron uses a similar method, but offers more individual bags. This may mean that you will need to spend more time going through each meal and making sure you have everything in order for the next week. HelloFresh is the best option if you want to recycle as many as possible. It has more recyclable paper bags than other options and less packaging. There isn’t much difference between these two choices in terms of convenience or ease-of-use. It is all about using slightly different methods than any other. It’s easy to set up an account and it takes only a few moments. The most difficult part of ordering recipes is the time-consuming.

Both services can be used to cancel or make any changes. It is easy to change the delivery day and plan. You can skip a week as long as it is done before your new box is prepared. Plus, you can easily cancel both services without having to contact customer service. HelloFresh doesn’t have Blue Apron. You can temporarily alter your address to receive Blue Apron deliveries even if your destination is out of reach.

Winner: Draw

Inspiration for Recipes and Quality Ingredients

It doesn’t matter how easy or cheap a meal delivery service is if it tastes bad. HelloFresh and Blue Apron offer a variety of options to ensure that there’s something for everybody. We can’t recommend which food is better because everyone has different tastes. It really comes down to how you like your food, what your family eats, what your dietary needs are, and what your preferences in cooking. Both services provide a unique blend of internal and traditional flavors. Blue Apron as well as HelloFresh have great choices, no matter if you are craving a hamburger or something more inventive. The priority goes to those who don’t have any special dietary needs. There are vegetarian and pescatarian options on both of these services. However, this is about the extent that either service can go to meet dietary needs. You shouldn’t expect any particular suggestions regarding kept, paleo or vegan. Both offer healthy options. Blue Apron offers Weight Watchers approved meals, as well as its Wellness line. HelloFresh offers calorie-smart options. However, both services are not ideal if you have a special allergy or need. The focus instead is on traditional Omnivores who are looking for variety. Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and other meal delivery services, primarily focus on main or evening meals. We don’t think either service offers breakfast or lunch ideas, but you can use any leftovers the next day to make great meals if there isn’t enough food.

Both services provide a rotating menu of meals each week that you may want to sign up for. Blue Apron offers 19 recipes per week, while HelloFresh has 25. This subtle distinction shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with a diverse palate. HelloFresh lets you see the menu for several weeks ahead of time, while Blue Apron offers only a weekly schedule. HelloFresh is a good choice if you prefer to plan ahead. HelloFresh has another category, which could prove useful for those who are short of time. Some recipes are categorized as easy to prepare or clean up. Many of the one-pot meals can be prepared in a single pot so there’s no mess or additional work afterward. The time estimates offered by both companies vary between 25 to 40 minutes. Sometimes, you might find one that only takes 15 minutes.

In both cases, assembling dishes is fairly simple. You don’t have to be a skilled cook in either case. The emphasis is on the preparation of sauces, which are often already made or easy to make. To follow the recipe card instructions, Blue Apron will provide you with step-by-step videos. Blue Apron is more difficult, but it’s easy to do. Blue Apron meals are more interesting and diverse because it requires a bit more work. Blue Apron meals can often be modified to include other ingredients, ensuring you have the exact meal you want.

Blue Apron as well as HelloFresh have add-ons to their main meals. HelloFresh also offers sides and desserts as well as ready-to-bake, or heat-up, meals. Blue Apron also offers butcher packages that offer more protein and lunch packs that can be used as meal preparation bundles. You can also get sides and dessert. If you want to indulge in a sweet treat after dinner, it’s helpful to have a variety of options.

Blue Apron as HelloFresh have excellent ingredients quality. Meat and seafood arrive in good condition, ready for you to eat. Vegetables are also fresh. You don’t have to measure spices or other ingredients. HelloFresh does offer organic products, but prefers to use ingredients from local producers and sustainable business partners. Blue Apron, on the other hand, is committed to using non-GMO certified ingredients.

Blue Apron Winner:Blue Apron

Meal Kit Pricing

Prices for HelloFresh and Blue Apron vary depending on the frequency you use them. This is before adding any additional charges or side effects. The most value can often be found in the more expensive plans. Blue Apron allows you to choose whether to cook for two or four persons when signing up. You can also sign up to receive two, three or four recipes each week. You can choose to only have two people, two recipes per week, and pay $10 per portion. Shipping costs $10. You can also increase the number of people to 4 and get $9 for each serving. If you are able to cook three to four meals per week for two, the price will drop to $9 per portion. Cooking for four is the best option. Three recipes per week cost $8, or $7.50 per recipe. You should keep track of how prices fluctuate as you could send $50-$130 per week, depending on the number of people you are cooking for and the amount you cook.

Similar to HelloFresh, you can choose from a variety of plans depending on what your requirements are. For $58, you can cook two meals per week for 2 people. That works out to $11 per portion. If you cook three meals per week, your cost per portion drops to $10. It gradually decreases the more you make. Six recipes per week is the best deal for two, and they cost $8.50 each. The price of each recipe for cooking four people will vary. For four persons, cooking twice per week costs $86. That’s $9.50 for each serving. It costs $8 for six meals per week, or $202 per weekly, if you increase that number to 6. Blue Apron is generally slightly more expensive, but it’s not a significant difference.

Other pricing variations for meal kits should also be considered. Both companies offer add-ons that can cause your bill to go up depending on whether you include desserts, breakfasts or side dishes. HelloFresh offers slightly more options, but Blue Apron has a subscription that gives you six 500ml bottles each month of wine for $66. Every bottle comes paired with your chosen menu so that you can choose the best wine for each meal. Although you don’t need these additional services, you may find yourself spending more on them. HelloFresh offers more options, but Blue Apron’s quality products are better.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for discounts and special deals from both companies. Do not settle for the lowest price when you are considering giving them a shot.

Winner: HiFresh

Blue Apron and HelloFresh — What the Verdict

If you are looking for an excellent meal delivery service, both HelloFresh and Blue Apron can be a great choice. Both offer fresh ingredients as well as a wide range of recipes. They are both great options for those who follow a particular diet, but they don’t offer many options. Both are great for beginners and those more familiar with cooking from scratch. HelloFresh, while it requires less prep work but has more flavor than other options, is easier for novice chefs. Blue Apron offers a slightly wider range of recipes and the added bonus that you will improve your skills as a cook if it is a habit. Both are not difficult.

HelloFresh has a slightly easier interface, so it’s a good choice for people who are short on time or want to have dinner quickly. You can save time and get a great meal if you have a busy day. Blue Apron has more options than HelloFresh, but they tend to offer more variety and more creative choices. Blue Apron offers a better way to try new foods.

Blue Apron can also be used to cook for less people. It is cheaper for small orders, such as those of a couple who only need to make a handful of recipes per week. You can also find low-carb and WW-friendly options on this site. HelloFresh allows you to make a plan for your next week. Although it uses paper recycling bags to make the packaging more eco-friendly, both products still use plastic.

There is no single solution to choosing a restaurant or meal. Blue Apron as well as HelloFresh worth looking into if money is not an issue. The choice of the food that you enjoy most and your family’s favorite food will determine what works best for you. Both services are easy to use and provide reliable service using high-end ingredients. These services may be the perfect way to discover a new favourite meal, or diversify your culinary tastes.


The Blue Apron and HelloFresh are both companies that offer a meal delivery service. Both services have pros and cons, but it is up to the consumer to decide which one suits them best.


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