Amazon first decimated traditional bookstores. Next, Amazon opened its brick-and mortar stores. The Amazon Books initiative has been discontinued.

Amazon Books, an online retailer,’s experiment with physical stores, exploded in a bizarre, meta story. The company announced that all its physical stores and pop-ups will be closing on March 2. This is a huge blow to concrete after its plunge into bookshop locations. Amazon’s 4-star experiment, which sells toys and household products, is also being closed. Amazon stated that its future plans include a greater presence in grocery stores and its L.A. Fashion Store, Amazon Style.

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Betsy Harden stated that Amazon is committed to creating great long-term retail experiences and technology. She also said that they are working with affected employees to find new jobs within Amazon.

The bookstore was Amazon’s first foray into physical locations in November 2015. Amazon opened its first Seattle bookshop in November 2015. Since then, it has tried a variety of retail businesses: Its massive investment in Whole Foods, a high-end organic supermarket, convenience stores, and cashiers. Amazon’s goal is to continue reaching more customers and bringing real-world sales that are in keeping with its online growth.

Launch was an undercover mission that was intended to increase excitement prior to the grand opening. Amazon used “Project Anne”, a codename, in blueprints to conceal the identity of its project.

Although it was closed down after six years of operation, this initiative wasn’t a complete failure. Amazon Books, like any other quality effort, showed Amazon what works and what doesn’t. This set the foundation for future retail ventures. The stores are a great place to pick up books and return Amazon items. For example, books were shown face-out and reviewed below so that customers could see what Amazon book-lovers liked to read.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s online shopping experience was too much to overcome the grandiose plans of the company.

After seeing dire results in his July job, Andy Jassy was appointed Amazon’s chief executive. Amazon’s revenue from “physical stores”, which accounted for only 3% of its $137 billion sales, was a small fraction of the total in Amazon’s 2021 quarter. This was largely due to spending at Whole Foods.

Stores may close at any time, most likely in accordance with lease agreements or stock. As well as severance payments, workers will be offered assistance with finding work at local company shops. According to Amazon’s annual filing with SEC, 672 North American retailers were still open as of December 31.

It’s not clear how many people would lose their jobs. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos claimed that the loss would not stop Amazon from pursuing new ventures.

Bezos stated last July that “if the size of the failures you make isn’t increasing, then you won’t be inventing at an size that can actually move needle,” not coincidentally as Jassy took over as CEO.


Though a small part of its broader retail business, Amazon’s brick-and-mortar stores made the company billions. In Q4 2021, the company reported its physical retail business generated $4.68 billion, up from $4.02 billion in the year-ago quarter.02-Mar-2022

In March, Amazon announced it would close 68 physical stores, including Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star, and Amazon Pop Up stores in the US and UK. That decision was part of a plan to focus on grocery, the chain told Insider at the time.1 day ago

Bookstores are dead and have been for years. But that’s not quite right. Amazon didn’t kill the brick-and-mortar bookstore so much as — like a distracted James Bond villain — put it in a deathtrap, cackled and moved onto other businesses. Things looked bleak for a while, sure.28-Jul-2017

Amazon Storefronts offers small and midsized businesses a platform for selling products directly through Amazon. Amazon Storefronts offers a way for small and medium-sized businesses to sell products directly through Amazon. Inc said on Wednesday it plans to close all 68 of its brick-and-mortar bookstores, pop-ups and shops carrying toys and home goods in the United States and United Kingdom, ending some of its longest-running retail experiments.03-Mar-2022

“We’ve decided to close our Amazon 4-Star, Books, and Pop Up stores, and focus more on our Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, Amazon Go, and Amazon Style stores and our Just Walk Out technology,” a company spokesperson confirmed in a statement to Insider.03-Mar-2022


Amazon first decimated traditional bookstores. Next, Amazon opened its brick-and mortar stores. However, the Amazon Books initiative has been discontinued. Amazon Books is an online retailer who’s experiment with physical stores exploded in a bizarre, meta story. The company announced that all its physical stores and pop-


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